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What is DARSSY

DARSSY® or Desktop ATC Radar Simulation System, is an easy to use yet powerful Air Traffic Control Radar simulation system. DARSSY focuses on simplicity, user experience and Radar client User Interface realism. It is a cost-effective real time simulator running on common desktop PCs and does not require any dedicated, expensive or hard-to-find hardware.

DARSSY can simulate En-route, Approach and Ground Radar situations. All sessions can be recorded for replay and further assessment or training. Scripting unlocks the ability to control and tweak almost every aspect of the simulator.

Controller Training Position (CTP)

DARSSY comes with a default Controller client that is designed for best user experience. It includes all a trainee will need: tracks with their respective labels (aka data blocks), track filters, safety nets, electronic strips et. al. It is customizable to meet a moderate level of modification.

For the cases where the customization level of the default CTP is not enough and a more accurate User Interface is required, you can opt for a customized simulated CTP built from the ground up according to your needs. You can see a portfolio of CTP customizations on the right.

DARSSY pseudopilot

Tackle the pseudopilot challenges with the intuitive user interface of DARSSY and avoid mistakes that could ruin the trainee's exercise. DARSSY pseudopilot has been designed for simplicity and flexibility.

Track colorization is used to specify different flight states and increase situation awareness.

DARSSY Pilot puts an end in printed scenarios as it introduces a sophisticated electronic scenario system. Pseudopilot operators don't have to take their eyes from the monitor to read the scenario. Electronic scenario can be controlled by scripting, giving unlimited customization and tuning opportunities.


Creating and amending ATC training scenarios with DARSSY is straightforward and intuitive. Flights can be created with drag and drop, route can be edited by choosing points on the map and all other details of the flight can be set through a compact and intuitive dialog. DARSSY scenario editor is smart enough to memorize frequently used routes and allow you to reuse them as you progress, saving you precious time during exercise design. Also you can preview the exercise from within the editor from any time point desired, saving time while tuning the exercise.


The real power of DARSSY lies in its extensibility and flexibility which allows customization of virtually any important aspect of the simulation without having to use bloated and complicated user interfaces. Using DJ-API or DARSSY JavaScript API, you can do amazing things such as:

  • Change wind parameters and move weather areas
  • Amend aircraft performance to simulate differences between aircraft operators
  • Alter the parameters of any flight to simulate emergency descends or manage uncontrolled flights

and lots more.

You should not worry about the 'geeky' programmatic nature of scripting. JavaScript is an easy to learn, easy to use language, gaining significant popularity among programmers and average computer users. Also DJ-API is heavily documented and there are lots of ready to use scripts shipped with the product.

Miscellaneous Features

Session Recording and replay
All sessions are recorded so that they can be replayed at some later time. Sessions can even be restored and played from any point and beyond.

Radar head simulation
Radar signals are simulated by using a technique similar to raycasting for emulating terrain blind areas. Terrain data come from SRTM project.

Ground Radar
Ground radar has been taken one step further and it can be used to assist pseudopilot in handling takeoffs more efficiently, avoiding unwanted traffics when a plane lands or performs missed approach while another flight takes off.

DARSSY Installations: Greece

DARSSY was first installed in Athens ACC location in 2012 for running en-route (ACC) scenarios initially. In the years to come and with significant amount of work, the product was finalized and adapted to the demanding environment of approach simulation.

As of 2014 DARSSY is installed and fully operational in the following locations within the Hellenic airspace system:

  • Athens ACC
  • Athens Approach (LGAV)
  • Thessaloniki Approach (LGTS)
  • Rhodes Approach (LGRP)
  • Iraklion Approach (LGIR) and
  • Kerkyra Approach (LGKR)

Why choose DARSSY

If it's not clear and obvious yet, let us summarize:

With hundreds of unit tests guarding our codebase you can rest assured that any upgrade will only boost your work and productivity.

Utilization of modern technologies plus careful UX design have reduced the learning curve of DARSSY and increased productivity.

DARSSY has been designed with extensibility in mind. It can simulate any RADAR user interface to allow as close to reality as possible training.

The provided SDK plus the DJ-API scripting give the final touch in the already feature-rich simulator.

If you believe DARSSY is your next best thing, let us know!

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