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Proven ATC training system designed with the continuous feedback from experienced ATC instructors and air traffic controllers.



What is DARSSY®

DARSSY® or Desktop ATC Radar Simulation System, is an easy to use yet powerful Air Traffic Control Radar simulation system. DARSSY focuses on simplicity, user experience and Radar client User Interface realism. It is a cost-effective real time simulator running on common PCs. It does not require any dedicated, expensive or hard-to-find hardware.

DARSSY can simulate En-route, Approach and Ground Radar situations. All sessions can be recorded for replay and further assessment or training. Scripting unlocks the ability to control and tweak almost every aspect of the simulator.

Accurate CTP

Controller Training Position is not an "one size fits all" solution. DARSSY supports different levels of customization. Depending on your requirements and the desired level of realism, we can tune or design a dedicated CTP for your needs.

Ergonomic Pilot

Tackle the pseudopilot challenges with the intuitive user interface of DARSSY and avoid mistakes that could ruin the trainee's exercise. DARSSY pseudopilot has been designed with simplicity and speedy input in mind.

Productive Editor

Creating and amending ATC training scenarios with DARSSY is straightforward and intuitive. Flights can be created with drag and drop, route can be edited by choosing points on the map and all other details of the flight can be set through a compact dialog.


There are many reasons to choose DARSSY for your training. The following are these that we consider important.


Robust documentation and testing automation assure that DARSSY always delivers the best quality training and according to the specifications. No matter how complex or hard-to-verify a feature could be.

Ease of use

ATCO-oriented design along with the input of UX experts resulted in a smooth learning curve, reduced training costs and increased productivity.


DARSSY can be adapted to resemble your CWP's user interface and provide as close to reality as possible training. Without breaking the bank with extra "airworthy" CWP positions.


DARSSY can fit in a travel bag. When in need, the simulator can go to the people instead of the people going to the simulator.

DARSSY features

DARSSY main Features

DARSSY is a mature product under constant development for over 10 years. The continuous feedback from our customers' end users resulted in a feature-rich ATCO oriented training tool.

Default CTP

Plug and play, out of the box solution.

The default Controller Training Position of DARSSY is designed for best user experience. It includes all a trainee will need: tracks with their respective labels (aka data blocks), track filters, safety nets, electronic strips etc.


'D' Stands for desktop, but laptop could do as well.

The architectural simplicity of DARSSY allows you to install the basic components of the simulator in any kind of PC. Instructors can provide training sessions in remote sites, make presentations and have brainstorming sessions. Sky is the limit. Literally.


Quantifying the training and the result

DARSSY can measure the complexity of the exercises using well known or customer defined metrics. At the end of each session, a comprehensive report summarizes the important events (separation losses, time on vectoring, etc.)


Written once. Running always.

The hidden power of DARSSY lies in its scripting capabilities. DARSSY scripting engine unlocks control of the most important aspects of the simulation written in almost natural language. You won't have to go through bloated and complicated user interfaces.

Plus realistic circling landings, dynamically changing weather, simulated FDPS, radar coverage calculated from DEMs
and many more others.

See and feel all the features of DARSSY

Desktop ATC radar simulation system
Highly customizable
Easy to use
More than just a simulator
a training system

— Simulate the air traffic. Control the future —

Our Services

What more we can do for you

In ATM-DEV we understand that after-sales is as important as the product itself. Choosing DARSSY is not a one-off transaction but a process of constant interaction, feedback and evaluation. Through our wide range of services, your training companion will always run smoothly. You will never feel you are falling behind.

CTP Customization

When the customization level of the default CTP is not enough, you can opt for a custom built simulated CTP, tailored to your needs. You can see a portfolio of CTP customizations in the photo gallery.

AIRAC maintenance

Airways come and go, points are renamed, magnetic variation changes and runways change designation. You don't have to worry though as we can monitor your AIRAC amendments and keep your simulator up to date.


Either online or on site, you can book training hours on simple or advanced use on DARSSY simulator. DARSSY is easy to use, having a smooth learning curve. Training can get you up to speed even faster.


While DARSSY can work autonomously, the isolation from the core ATM system might impose data synchronization overhead. We can connect DARSSY to the desired ATM subsystems, remove the overhead and make more time for training.

Interested in knowing more?

DARSSY in Numbers

Some statistics about DARSSY

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Operational information

Details that make the Difference

DARSSY is under constant development. Its users, real world ATCOs and instructors, drive the requirements. The result is a rich ecosystem of aiding features and tools that transform DARSSY from a simple simulator into a training system.

DARSSY Pilot puts an end in printed scenarios as it introduces a sophisticated electronic scenario system. Pseudopilot operators don't have to take their eyes from the monitor in order to read the scenario. Electronic scenario can be controlled by scripting, giving a wide range of customizations and tuning capabilities.

DARSSY scenario editor can memorize frequently used routes that you can then reuse as you progress, saving precious time during exercise design. You can also preview the exercise from within the editor and from any point in time, making exercise tuning easier.

While the RADAR simulation attracts all the "publicity lights" to it, procedural training is as important as RADAR training. DARSSY has you covered: it provides a special CTP for procedural control with only a map showing the procedures of your choice, a clock and optionally any tools you would make availlable to the trainee, like for example a range and bearing tool.

DARSSY scripting engine unlocks some iteresting posibilities like:

  • Change wind parameters and move weather areas during the exercise
  • Amend aircraft performance to simulate differences between aircraft operators
  • Schedule and perform emergency descends
  • Manage uncontrolled flights before they enter pseudopilot's area
CTP Customization
Procedural Training
AIRAC Management